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Emery Molme in Florida wrote the following about the Cataract Terminator for his father (March, 2019):

"Hi John! I received the package 7 hours ago. Thank you so much! My father’s vision has improved so much to the point that he doesn’t use glasses anymore to read!! Other people who knew about his condition have been asking me to buy the drop for them, hence the reason why I ordered that bottle. I am sure it will not be my last bottle because they will keep on coming to me! May God bless you !"

Ken Geldenhuis of Australia recently wrote this about the Cataract Terminator for his pet:

"Hi John

I haven’t received my Cataract Terminator and was wondering if you have a tracking system for me to follow up. The previous bottle I got from you was amazing. My 15 year old mini Foxie was literally almost blind and scared of her own shadow. She would not go out a night and was a nervous wreck around people, obviously scared she would get stood on. But since I have been putting the drops in her eyes twice a day she has a new lease on life. She runs around chasing the other dog and is like a puppy again. She can see again, what a blessing!!! This product is unreal and I can highly recommend it. I ordered two bottles from you, one for my dog and another for my friends Alsatian who has serious cataracts forming and we are keenly waiting for it to arrive. 

Best wishes


Note: If Ken or any other customer does not receive their order within 6 weeks, they are automatically sent a free replacement via registered mail with a tracking number.

Barbara Young recently had this to say about the Cataract Terminator:

 "Thank you so much for such an amazing product! I was told 1 1/2 years ago that I had cataracts and I could wait a year but they had to be dealt with. I found your Cataract Terminator and followed directions. Yesterday I went for my eye exam. I heard the doctor murmur 'complete reversal'. Looking into my eyes he said you have fantastic eyesight, you are incredibly healthy. You do not have even a trace of cataracts!! Praise God! Thank you for your product!"

Here is what a customer in Georgia, USA  had to say about Cataract Terminator:

"Ive been told I am legally blind. In one day of taking the eye drops my vision 

began to improve. Im my eye with the least vision I began taking the drops every 

hour for 3 hours. I compared my vision with my other eye and their was a big 

differance. I began seeing colors more clearly. My other eye had a yellow tent 

in my vision. 

For a day I took the drops every hour. By the end of the day my eye lids were 

full of crusty matter and my vision was blury just as u said it would be. Within 

two days it cleared and my vision got much better.

I now take the drops every 3 hr and Im still getting some matter from my eyes 

which is good because its clearing away the cloudy film of the cataracts. My 

vision has improved almost 50% in less then 2 weeks. I am having no problem with

the 2%. I thank you very much for your product. I will keep you up dated. Thank you, Shelia"

Three and one half months later, Shelia, who was previously declared legally blind, had this to say about Cataract Terminator:

Dear Mr Burket,

I have awesome news. I had my 3 month doc app today and they have taken me off insulin and put me on Glipiside. My doc says Im doing so well I maybe off meds completely soon. But, the best news is they examined my eyes and they said my eyes are clear. They cant see my cataracts anymore. All I have is blurred double vision. The Cataract terminator drops have been helping that too. Thank u

On Facebook,  Shelia wrote again about Cataract Terminator on the 16th of  January, 2014:

Shelia Scott Hey John, thoes that have doubts, I am the person in the US that was legally blind. My Cataracs are gone. My doctor checked my eyes and they couldnt find any sign of my Cataracs. My cataracs were gone in less then a year

Here is what a customer in New Zealand had to say about the Cataract Terminator for his dog:

"On the eye drop front I've almost used up the bottle you sent and I'm sure we're seeing some improvement in our little dogs (Sanneke) eyesight. After a night of strong winds our driveway was littered with bits of branches so I took particular care to observe Sanneke as she took her morning walk with us down the drive. She avoided virtually all the branches which I'm sure she wouldn't have managed a couple of months ago."

"You will see she is sitting on the edge of our deck [the customer's dog]. In recent months she's be unable to get off it like she once did (apart from falling of a couple of times) and has grown quite wary of it. In the last week or so she's really regained her confidence as she can now see the edge and the two steps below so we all owe you a great vote of thanks." Roger, customer, New Zealand

Brenda in Canada seeing results in her dog's eyes in just a couple of days with Cataract Terminator:

"The eye drops are for my 13year old dog (Hooch). I have been using the can c drops since February ,but have seen no improvement , his one eye is now almost blind, and the other has now started developing a cataract. I sure hope I have better luck with your 2 percent solution. Also how often do I administer the drops to him for maximum results, and can a person over do it and cause more damage than good?     Thanks a lot Brenda"

Just a few days after receiving the 2% Cataract Terminator drops, Brenda wrote again:

"I received the eye drops a couple of days ago that I ordered for our dog Hooch.  I don't know if we're imagining it but we're sure we can already see an improvement in his vision, is this possible?  I am putting the eye drops in every few hours during the day. Oh and by the way my maiden last name is Birkett,, spelt slightly different but I'm sure pronounced the same, not a very common name at all in Canada, just thought I'd mention it.      Thanks alot Brenda.  Will keep you posted."

A customer in Israel required a quick remedy for her throat, and her condition was so severe she could not swallow. Not only did the Strep Throat Killer clear up her infection within three days, but:

"I just want to let you know that the Strep Throat Killer  has been absolutely amazing!  It took about 3 days to cure my very sore and red throat.  It has also been amazing for my asthma and I can't believe how quickly it started working.  Since taking the oil I haven't had to use my asthma pump at all!  My asthma is mainly allergy related and this time of year and the beginning of winter are the worst times for me." -- Mitzi, customer, Israel

Lugol's iodine is effective at eliminating "brain fog" and contributes to overall energy. A customer noted:

"...the iodine seems to really be keeping my weak spells at bay!" Batya, customer, South Africa

I ordered Candida Eradicator just in case I ever needed it. Last week, due, likely, to a medication side effect, I needed it. I was truly thankful that I had it and amazed how fast and well it worked, even without hardly any change in diet. (I still had a few desserts during the week). One week and every trace of symptoms has disappeared. ...Christine