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About Us

Rediscovering Natural Remedies: Out of the Box Remedies is a small business situated in the heart of Israel. OUR MISSION: Working with a small business allows you custom, personalized service. For example, suppose you have a respiratory infection, and need an immediate solution. We can prepare a solution, that can be used as a nebulizer, in order to solve the problem. OUR VISION: To give you many solutions, not specifically offered in our product list. We would like to expand our business, to help you, according to your needs. Contact us now!

About Me

I'm an ardent health food enthusiast, workout junkie, cyclist, and ping-pong player! The countryside is for exploring, where a few fresh organic, culinary herbs may be found to add to dinner! My goal is longevity, and continuing to live a happy, healthy, virile, quality life. Oh! and to buy that Harley I've always wanted. I've been a student of natural health since 2003 under the teachings of some of the best known names in the field of natural medicine. I healed myself and many others from life-threatening diseases. As the creator of Out of the Box Remedies, I'm able to continue with my passion for the sciences and mathematics. It's so interesting being a natural chemist! I hold a BSEE degree and am now a retired Electronic Design Engineer. I worked for companies like General Electric, DuPont, Abbott Laboratories and Hughes Aircraft. My vision in my golden years is to share my knowledge with you and to spread the word about natural health.

About Me

I've used natural medicine for over 30 years, starting after a serious illness at 27. I share much the same passion for staying healthy as John does. We share the same interests, except I like to fit in my 20 laps at the pool three times a week. I have four kids and seven grandchildren and mad about cats. My background was in the Arts and Psychology. I love blogging so I'm the co-author of, Out of the Box Remedies Blog, where I share my wealth of experiences and knowledge, with the hope that it might benefit others. I work as a volunteer with addicts and alcoholics after retiring as a Certified Addictions Professional.(CASAP) ...