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Welcome to Out of the Box Remedies, where we
ediscover natural remedies

Herbal remedies and natural treatments are growing in popularity, as more and more people discover their effectiveness. All of our products have been tried and tested, with stunning results. Our products are safe to use for the purpose for which they are intended, and contain high quality ingredients. 
We offer a blog which covers some of our products, and much else in the way of health tips. 

Make payments in any currency – your currency is automatically converted to the requested currency via PayPal.

NO NEED TO SIGN IN TO ORDER PRODUCTS!  PRICING SHOWN IN SHEKELS. Approximate prices in other major currencies are shown in the product titles. For other currency conversions, visit www.xe.com.

Make sure that Javascript is turned on in your browser to see products.

If you are unable to complete transactions, try this alternate website: www.outsidetheboxremedies.yolasite.com

The option to purchase items in grams of silver is now available. These prices are shown in the heading for each item. The gross weight of various silver coins is listed below in grams (g). Payment can be sent by mail using any combination of the following coins:

Gross wt. gms
US Dime (pre-1965) 2.5
US Quarter (pre-1965) 6.25
US Half dollar (pre-1965) 12.5
US Silver dollar (pre-1936) 26.73
US Silver American Eagle (1 oz, >1986) 31.1
Canadian Silver Maple Leaf (1 oz.) 31.1
Austrian Silver Philharmonic (1 oz.) 31.1
Australian Silver Kangaroo (1 oz) 31.1
UK Silver Britannia (1 oz) 31.1
Canadian Dime (pre-1967) 2.33
Canadian Quarter (pre-1967) 5.83
Canadian Half dollar (pre-1967) 11.66
Canadian Silver dollar (pre-1967) 23.33